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Aerial photo archive
The archive contains about 170,000 slides for stereoscopic view. They are part of aerial shots selected in different periods to cover territories belonging to the Po Basin and to the other northern basins (Triveneto) between 1954 and 2003.

Some territories are also covered by aerial shots taken between 1920 and 1940 (historical set). The aerial shots are classified according to the Sheets (Fogli) of the Istituto Geografico Militare, from Foglio 1 (Passo del Brennero) (Sheet 1) to Foglio 103 (Imperia) (Sheet 103). For every Sheet more shots are collected that were made at a distance of 5-10 years from each other. These shots allow to observe the territorial changes during the last decades.

The first aerial shot planned to cover the entire territory dates back to 1954 and 1955, with flight height of 10,000 or 5,000 m (G.A.I. flight). Following periodical updates are available until 1993.

Some of the documents regard flood events occurred on wide areas and characterized by landslides, floods, debris flows, etc. Among these some must be mentioned: the flood event of November 1968 (Biella area, Nothern Piedmont), of May 1977 (Alessandria, Southern Piedmont), of August 1978 (Southern Piedmont), of November 1982 (Val Taro, Emilia Romagna), of September 1992 and 1993 (Savona and Genoa, Liguria), of November 1994 (Southern Piedmont) until the event of Piedmont and Valle D’Aosta of October 2000.

Several researches of compared photo interpretation have been carried out and applied to the evaluation of instability problems regarding both the mountain slopes and the hydrographic network. These have provided during the years precious technical-scientific information and have been employed to identify probable hazard and risk scenarios and to carry on land planning at different scales.
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