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The historical Archive
The IRPI Turin historical archive contains more than 250,000 unedited documents, regarding landslide and flood events occurred in Northern Italy since 1800.

Most of these documents are descriptive reports written after surveys, public calamity declarations, municipal deliberations, instability or damages warnings, event reports, grant requests, public or private acts. Many information on the subjects of interest are also stored in projects provided with plans, reports of direct witnesses, interviews and black and white or colour photographs.

The creation of this documentary heritage has been possible through a long research and collection work carried out at several archives: municipality archives, province and regional archives, National archives, ex Public Works Ministry archives, Agricultural Province Inspectorate archives, Forest Departmental Inspectorate archives, Prefecture archives, Public Work Regional Superintendency archives, Civil Genius offices, Autonomous National Company for State Roads archives and other private archives. The knowledge regarding the landslide and flood events, thanks to the building of this historical archive, covers a large part of Northern Italy, including the Po Basin and the basins of the Triveneto.