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Photo library
In this library 2000 maps of Nothern Italy, particularly of the Po basin and Triveneto, are stored that are either original, copy, published or unpublished.

In the library are present some of the official national cartographies (IGMI, Geological Map, Land-use Map) and the technical maps of the Northern Italy Regions. For the most interesting areas also photorestituted plans are available with the Po river cross sections and those of several of its tributaries; the cartography regarding aerial photogrammetric surveys and a series of ortho-photo maps are also available.

An important section of this library is surely the section where the historical maps are stored that regards the Po basin and the Triveneto basins.

As an example, rare maps are present such as the Bolzoniana Map (1588), the Topography of Polesine of Rovigo (1786), the Milanese and Mantovano Map (1796), and better known maps such as the Carta Topografica of Lombardo-Veneto, at the scale 1:86.400 (1833, updated in 1878 at the scale 1:75.000), or the Great Map of the Stati Sardi in Terraferma, at the scale 1:50.000, published in 1831 (on the basis of surveys performed from 1816 to 1830, with subsequent updates of 1852 and 1870).

In the photo library are also stored longitudinal profiles and cross sections of the main rivers, other than the different editions of the IGMI tables issued since 1880.