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Newspaper Library
The newspaper library of CNR IRPI Torino is the largest in Italy as far as landslide and floods events are concerned that occurred in Northern Italy and in particular n the Po basin.

Several thousands of newspaper article are stored that derive from systematic reading of the most important national circulated newspapers and of hundreds of locally circulated newspapers.

In these articles detailed chronicles on landslides, floods, mud or debris flow and sometimes also on snow avalanches are found: interesting notations concern the phenomena dynamics, the dimensions, the effects, the time of occurrence, the casualties, the damages and sometimes the estimations of reconstruction costs. All the news are divided per year starting from 1801.

Correlating the information coming from the selected newspapers with that available in documents of the historical archive it is possible to track a more complete scenery of the typology of the occurred event, particularly as far as the involved area, the induced effects and the recorded damages are concerned. Several times, especially for local scale events, the chronicles source is the only one available and for this reason even more precious, even if it is of a more popular and less scientific nature.