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Photo-Video Library
The IRPI Turin photo library contains more than 100.000 colour and black and white pictures. Among these latter 22.000 are slides.

About 38.000 pictures have already been stored as computer images.

Most of the collected pictures were taken during the surveys carried out to document flood or landslides events, their effects and the related damages. These pictures document the flood event occurred in the Po basin and in the basins of Triveneto since 1970.

Several pictures are instead related to events occurred before such date: these have been bought or donated. Several thousands of photos concern the different phases of the monitoring and systematic survey of the studied zones.

A significant amount of photos shows the road network in order to allow, after a number of years has passed by, photographic comparisons that are particularly interesting.

The video library contains more than 500 videos. More than a half of these latter were produced by the photo and video lab of the Institute, after flood events. A large part of them were acquired by local professionals who had the chance to shoot videos of the phenomena while they were occurring. About fifty derive, on the contrary, from purchases from or dealership of local administrations. Nowadays the video library is located in the Institute library.