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Recent ISI publications

Year ISI publication (title and external link) Info
2014 Extreme rainfall events: evaluation with different instruments and measurement reliability Laura Turconi
2014 Historical datum as a basis for a new GIS application to support civil protection services in NW Italy. Laura Turconi
2013 ADVICE: A New Approach for Near-Real-Time Monitoring of Surface Displacements in Landslide Hazard Scenarios Andrea Manconi
2013 Morphological and kinematic evolution of a large earthflow: The Montaguto landslide, southern Italy Daniele Giordan
2013 A web-based, relational database for studying glaciers in the Italian Alps Guido Nigrelli
2012 Analysis of microseismic signals and temperature recordings for rock slope stability investigations in high mountain areas Massimo Arattano
2012 Uncorrected land-use planning highlighted by flooding: the Alba case study (Piedmont, Italy) Fabio Luino
2012 The Stava mudflow of 19 July 1985 (Northern Italy): a disaster that effective regulation might have prevented Fabio Luino
2012 Analysis of debris-flow recordings in an instrumented basin: confirmations and new findings Massimo Arattano
2012 Dbclim: A web-based, open-source relational database for rainfall event studies Guido Nigrelli
2012 Reconstruction and analysis of two long-term precipitation time series: Alpe Devero and Domodossola (Italian Western Alps) Guido Nigrelli
2012 Dynamic taxonomies applied to a web-based relational database for geo-hydrological risk mitigation Guido Nigrelli
2011 Urban floods: a case study in the Savigliano area (North-Western Italy) Laura Turconi
2011 Preface Results of the open session on "Documentation and monitoring of landslides and debris flows" for mathematical modelling and design of mitigation measures, held at the EGU General Assembly 2009 Massimo Arattano
2011 Deformation time-series generation in areas characterized by large displacement dynamics: the SAR amplitude Pixel-Offset SBAS technique Andrea Manconi
2010 Floods in Alpine river basins (Italy): an interdisciplinary study combining historical information and hydroclimatic data Guido Nigrelli
2010 Report of the glaciological survey of 2009 Giovanni Mortara
2010 On the application of kinematic models to simulate the diffusive processes of debris flows Massimo Arattano
2010 Geomorphology of the central and frontal Rongbuk glacier area (Mount Everest, Tibet) Giovanni Mortara
2010 A LiDAR application to assess long-term bed-level changes in a cobble-bed river: the case of the Orco River (North-Western Italy) Ornella Turitto
2010 Risk management on an alluvial fan: a case study of the 2008 debris-flow event at Villar Pellice (Piedmont, N-W Italy) Massimo Arattano
2010 Microseismic activity analysis for the study of the rupture mechanisms in unstable rock masses Giovanni Mortara
2009 Report of the glaciological survey of 2008 Giovanni Mortara
2009 The May 2008 extreme rain event in the Germanasca Valley (Italian Western Alps): processes and effects observed along the hydrographic network and valley slopes Guido Nigrelli
2009 Slope failure and related processes in the Mt. Rocciamelone area (Cenischia Valley, Western Italian Alps) Laura Turconi
2009 A GIS tool for historical instability processes data entry: An approach to hazard management in two Italian Alpine river basins Chiara Audisio
2009 Sediment transfer processes in two Alpine catchments of contrasting morphological settings Massimo Arattano
2009 Application of a model to the evaluation of flood damage Fabio Luino
2009 LIDAR monitoring of mass wasting processes: The Radicofani landslide, Province of Siena, Central Italy Giorgio Lollino
2008 Charge de fond et débits en comparaison dans un petit cours d'eau équipé des Alpes piémontaises (Italie) Franca Maraga
2008 Systems and sensors for Debris-flow Monitoring and Warming Massimo Arattano
2007 Climate change impacts on mountain glaciers and permafrost Marta Chiarle
2007 Recent debris flow occurrences associated with glaciers in the Alps Marta Chiarle
2006 Time response of a landslide to meteorological events Giorgio Lollino
2005 Sequence of instability processes triggered by heavy rainfall in the northern Italy Fabio Luino
2004 Using Historical Documents for Landslide, Debris Flow and Stream Flood Prevention. Applications in Northern Italy Laura Turconi
2004 Crue extrême du Pô en novembre 1951 et inondation du territoire du Polesine (Italie du Nord) Ornella Turitto