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The Research Institute for Geo-hydrological Protection of Turin (IRPI Turin), of the Italian National Research Council, started its activities in 1970. Since March 15, 2002, the Institute is a Department of the National Research Institute for Hydrogeological Protection located in Perugia.

The experience gathered since 1970 concerns the following investigation sectors:

  • study of geological and hydrological conditions and morphological evolution of the basins belonging to the Alpine-Po river system

  • analyses of erosion, transport and deposition phenomena along torrent and river channels with regard to particular and significant hydrologic events

  • monitoring, prediction and prevention of natural instability phenomena, also with regard to glacial and peri-glacial environment

  • development of methodologies for the collection, recording and processing of hydrogeological data through informatics procedures and GIS

  • applied photointerpretation for specific problems of slope stability and river management

  • study surveys in specific sites menaced or affected by floods and landslides, also following specific requests by local authorities

IRPI is structured in the following five territorial sections:

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